Why Do I Need A Portable Generator

Power from Wind and Sun

Anyone who has wished they had electricity when no power was available can appreciate the value of having a portable electric generator available for use. Whether the generator is merely a backup power supply to use in the event of an emergency power outage or the generator is used occasionally for convenience or recreation, the portable GEN is unlike any other portable power generator it combines power production from wind and sun!



Last year Americans went on 14 million camping trips and only 2 percent had any kind of portable power source. Those who had generators had gas powered units that polluted the environment and were soon ran out of gas.

On the 4th of July alone 40 million grills were used to cook barbecues. Grilling is also a source of outdoor air pollution. Researchers at the University of California, Riverside, found that emissions from commercial grills in Southern California are a significant source of air pollution. “For comparison, the average diesel-engine truck on the road today would have to drive 10 miles on the freeway to put out the same mass of particles as a single charbroiled hamburger patty,” the study noted. The portable GEN produces NO pollution and powers electric appliances (Electric grills and other NON polluting appliances) and as long is there is wind or sun NEVER stops producing power!

Power Generation

What the GEN Produces

Power your lights, refrigerator,laptop,smart phones and all of your major appliances during a power outage.

If you are out camping or just in your backyard, the GEN allows you to cook with your favorite electrical appliances. It also allows you to keep your perishable items cold in portable refrigerators

Our History

The story behind the Portable GEN

Portable generators on the market today are noisy and pollute the environment. We wanted to make a difference in the way portable generators produced power so that the consumer could have an endless power source and not pollute the environment. The portable GEN combines both wind and sun and as such will always have a non polluting renewable source of power.

Meet The Team

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Marcio PuginaCEO

Marcio has founded and been involved with several successful technology companies over the past 15 years. He currently has 4 patents including The GEN.

Mike ThompsonLegal Council

Michael is an successful Attorney in Utah, former state of Utah representative, and a business advocate at the state and federal level for over 25 years.

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